At Sharp, Kinane Limited we acknowledge that every school, teacher and student we we work with, is individual and unique. Each possessing a range of resources, skills, and needs unique to their setting and circumstances. With this in mind, we offer to every one we work with a bespoke service tailored to the individual needs of each client. We do not offer a one size fits all solution, a strategy that we find often leaves schools and teachers confused about how this single solution might fit or is relevant to their situation.

We offer below a range of examples of some of our resources, activities and ideas that we have created. Please feel free to examine these resources, to use them and to adapt them to suit your particular circumstances. We ask, however, that if you adapt any of our ideas shown below, that you acknowledge on your new creations, Sharp, Kinane Limited, Jacqui Sharp or David Kinane as the initial source of the ideas you have adapted.

The Funnel

Bears in the Night

BBC Micro:bit Servo Challenge

BBC Micro:bit Motor Challenge 1

Green Screen – The story of milk

Makey Makey – Dance Mat Challenge

Sharp, Kinane LImited – 2019