Jacqui Sharp and David Kinane are the constituent parts of Sharp, Kinane Limited. Sharp, Kinane Limited came into being with the advent of the MoE PLD model for accredited facilitators. Both Jacqui and David have run their own individial and successful companies for many years, offering bespoke and innovative digital learning integration and support to schools and teachers.

Sharing the same educational philosophies, Jacqui and David decided to combine forces as Sharp, Kinane Limited to offer their particular brand of innovative, in school, in class professional development to a wider geographical range of schools. To date, Sharp, Kinane Limited is delivering over 30 centrally funded PLD and Digital Technology curriculum contracts for the MoE in the Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Taranaki and Westland regions. Currently there are four accredited facilitators at Sharp, Kinane Limited delivering these contracts and the aim is to expand the number of facilitators in 2019.

Jacqui Sharp

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David Kinane

I have been integrating digital technologies into classrooms since the last century. I have long seen the positive impact on learning potential that technology can have on students. Used well, technology is a force for massive educational change, but equally, used poorly and the same technology has the potential to have the opposite effect. This is I why I am so passionate to work in class, alongside teachers, so that I can team teach and model effective digital technology pedagogy with them and enable teachers to grow and become passionate about effectively integrating digital technologies into their own practice and classrooms. I am a registered New Zealand Teacher, trained in the UK.

I started out as a classroom teacher but in the intervening years have occupied the following positions:

Hertfordhshire Local Education Authority technology adviser

Head of IT and digital technology curriculum design – St Edmund’s School for Girls’

Head of IT – Howick Intermediate

Director of IT – Meadowbank Primary

E-Learning facilitator (secondary) – Team Solutions, University of Auckland

Director of dakinane limited – established 2008

Accredited PLD facilitator – Ministry of Education

Accredited DT/HM facilitator – Ministry of Education

Sharp, Kinane Limited, 2019